What We Do

Cumberland Children’s Center- “House of Hope” is a short-term care facility aiding children forced to endure a toxic, dangerous environment at home due to methamphetamine use and manufacture or other forms of abuse and neglect. The children are silent victims of neglect, persecution and injury. After the children are removed from the home, we offer a safe place to eat, play and rest for a few hours while waiting for relatives or foster families to take them to a new home. (Please see our Frequently Asked Question – FAQ – section referencing what it is like to live in a meth home.)

Certified volunteers provide a child friendly, safe, happy environment for these kids to enjoy while transitioning from an abusive neglectful environment, to a fresh start and a chance to succeed in life. We are a short-term facility because children only stay a few hours. We also provide a child friendly forensic interview room for the Department of Children’s Service and Law Enforcement to utilize

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping these children and assisting those who support them, including the Department of Children’s Services workers, the medical community, law enforcement, and other agencies dedicated to the protection of and assistance to abused and neglected children.

We also assist a methamphetamine education team, a group of dedicated men and women who teach neighborhoods, businesses, churches and civic groups about the unparalleled violence meth inspires and how it affects every aspect of community life. The team’s particular emphasis is on the devastating effect meth homes have on children; children who appear to be from some third world country in another hemisphere, but who, in reality, live next door, or down the street.

They need our help.